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Just Jess 1 year ago She doesn't need a reality show. Notorious big nude scene. Great for everyone including those with a Disability. Cash me outside girl fucked. That the onus for success is on bands working and living like dogs, by-and-large taking whatever shit is thrown their way is lamentable to say the least.

Earlier this year I wrapped up an internship with one of the best publishing companies in the music industry, and was anxiously looking for a place I could get my foot in the door at and get paid for my work. Which do you want to be a part of? This is just another disguised liberal agenda site. Not a bad start. Amanda Panda 1 year ago Lara And neither will anyone else especially not Atlantic Records in 3 years time.

This kid needs more than therapy. Melody Lanzatella 1 year ago A sigh of relief that teens arent all like this! Kids, get off my lawn! I have been in the Music Business for a long time over 40 yrs and I have a good idea as to what goes on in the biz. Her mom is just as bad. Find big tits. Coleta Richarme 1 year ago I dunno All of my Music is on my webpage.

Ari is so right on the money with this and is offering this help as he always does to new artist. Like man, what the fuck?!

Marie Davidson 1 year ago YOU are a 14 year old that makes her parents proud! And when it comes to crunching the numbers at years end, someone is paying the price for lack of immediate returns.

Music for big labels is about money. Jokes on her in the long run. Check out Adia Victoria. Robert 1 year ago Logged in only to upvote. She tolerates the disrespect and bad behavior that this girl dishes out. We weren't planning on announcing this for a while, but looks like TMZ beat us to it?. Hayley Lightcap 1 year ago When the joke was still new a lot of people in my high school were talking about how disrespectful she is and how needs to learn respect.

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Margaret Crow 1 year ago What doctor in his right mind would do implants on a 13 yr. So then a business that is not in business to make money is not a business but simply a hobby.

I lost faith in the music industry right around the time I heard of Macklemore. Hot naked korean chicks. But I consider fans to be those who would actually spend money on their favorite artists. He is the exception, not the rule. That's what I thought.

Check out Adia Victoria. About the author Stella. Kira Thesloth it can be disheartening but the character that you have is something money can't buy.

Music for big labels is about money. NahNah Bronson 1 year ago Whoopin'. One, you have the traditional music industry. Hot tan girls naked. Cash me outside girl fucked. The last thing we want is for curious people who have no idea who this stupid piece of trash bitch is going and clicking on any of her music!!

I was just thinking that! And, in the long run, YOU will have a happy secure life with people around you that love you. I have never talked to him and have no ties ……. We and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic.

Makes me think, who's at fault for providing the breast implants for underage girls - yep you guessed it, it's the providers of breast implants for underage girls! What fucked up values when the worst of the worst make it. Just Jess 1 year ago Her mom is just as bad. Fancy cars, big mansions and girls on your arm.

There are exceptions on both sides. You think this JUST happened? There are a hundred. Lara Iloiu 1 year ago You keep doing what you're doing. The promo video available to watch on YouTube was used as a promotional vehicle along with a Saturday morning TV cartoon series.

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But independent YouTube and Social Media stars can make the leap into music streaming success.

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There is nothing new or shocking about the worst people on earth being given a shot at a brief career for being a freakshow. Chris Gen 1 year ago Heather Brotherton yes! It was bad enough that the internet drove her to 11 million Instagram followers for treating her mother horribly and acting all-around ignorant, but the fact that a group of grown ass people that work in the music industry have rallied behind her to make her a rap star is just sad. Milf fucking images. Cash me outside girl fucked. Every creator on Patreon. I have never talked to him and have no ties …….

Thank you for this rant and kudos to most of the commenters as well. What does liberalism have to do with it? Click here to view. Since you bothered to make claims though I hope you did proper research.

As Bob L says. Mature naked on the beach Sorry to interrupt, but I have been working for 37 years on and off, to create the third Music Industry. It helps if you have a brilliant manager who can motivate and push the majors in keeping you their number one A-lister in their stable of stars…. Of course, when one party is just living their albeit most likely cosmetically enhanced life and the other is going off on random celebrities, it begs the question of who is really feeding off attention.

Ever think of autocorrect either?

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