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Uhm, Luke is GAY. It's telling of the beginning of more waves and I'm very proud of that. People getting naked and having sex. His cheekbones are to die for. Family, friends and workmates have been extraordinarily supportive and my life is just great now. Luke macfarlane naked. With all the mountain biking, he can't bother with razors.

Never mind the dozen or so other ones where Luke actually said he's gay. Is Luke's role very big? And leaves us there right in the thick of it all. Here is another one, just because he is so sexy. I guess those rumors about them breaking up because of Wentworth being a closet-case may be true after all. Elvis was shaking his hips and sh He's denied it, but that's okay. Harry naked pictures. Lovely how the link is to the unupdated quotes section of the fansite and not to the many related posts on the main site regarding his "coming out.

But I'm not certain. No, no not at all, I'm just wondering. He comes out to a newspaper in his home country where, you know, his friends and family live. How nice for him. What's up with this movie anyway? Just because the SA is the one whom she's never actually heard of before which is telling her what she wants to hear. He might be nominated for a Gemini Canadian award though. I've read that Luke is self-conscious about taking his shirt off because he has a ton of scars from all his extreme sports.

R14, Luke is not a lesbian. Or this Mercy Street program? I'm saying, imo, Macfarlane is far more skittish when it comes to attention from the press. It's telling of the beginning of more waves and I'm very proud of that. Chubby perky tits. It's terribly sad for all gay people.

Exactly r, there are some true IMDB cunts on here right now. Or his people forced him back in. Honestly, would his PR people have not been demanding some retractions? For the show where he's gay just like real life and married. Frat boy cute but not very sexy.

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Wentworth cruised me once crossing 6th ave. Then nobody buys your product or reads your site and bit by bit you go out of business, getting a bad reputation around town as an outlet that outs its own and is considered untrustworthy and sleazy.

The way Hollywood works r, is that the moment anyone dropseven a HINT in press about being gay whether true or not and they don't want outing, the PR dept. Buck naked pen. Same thing with David Hyde Pierce. Luke macfarlane naked. They will never listen until they grow up, get a real boyfriend and stop having sexy-time fantasies about actors they'll never meet.

We all know shit doesn't smell of roses and we have to accept it. As pointed out by one of the comments after the SA article, the writer doesn't even spell his last name correctly.

I miss him playing an adorable gay on TV. Some fans wishful thinking, r He's still nicely buff. There are still active fan sites that get quite upset should any mention of the possibility he is gay come up.

Luke is out and more comfortable with his sexuality so it seems to me that he would be less bothered about the Wentworth pics.

His ex-boyfriend Wentworth is letting his go to pot since they broke up.

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Perez may or may not be right, but he did say it. What's wrong with crap? He doesn't seem douchey in his interviews, but he does seem like he has a lot of confidence in himself, like he's not afraid to speak his mind at all.

Great to see Luke continue to be cast as heterosexual love interest! Americans love sports -- pretty much all sports, really. There are no "fangurls" on this thread, just trolls pretending to be some to stir up outrage.

I mean, just because he's got a restraining order against me doesn't mean he doesn't really want me. Sexy black lesbians eating. He's not even that butch. R is a homophobic straight male troll who can't accept the fact that Luke is gay. Is Luke a top? On the cover of a gay magazine.

Not sure who they'll bring in for Kevin. Now that avenue of denial is closed off for good with today's confirmation that Luke is gay. He has never bearded. Just because outsiders think one person is 'hot' and the other person is 'ugly' doesn't mean the people in the relationship see it that way. Sexy clown girl. His nose is straight out of Who-ville. I'm glad it's a limited series and not a multi-season run.

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