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Not that that discredits your point, since you're just referring to the pictures, but it definitely provides a contrast against revenge porn sites like OP referred to.

He could serve years in prison. I'm very grateful to have someone like her. Sex kissing naked. Post your nude ex. A month ago, an ex posted nude photos of me on the internet without my consent. Shout out to them too. I'm glad that they helped you but when I went to them they essentially laughed in my face.

There's always hope, no matter how bad you feel. We accept any number of X chromosomes here, as long as you're nice: Welcome to TwoXChromosomes, a subreddit for both serious and silly content, and intended for women's perspectives. Thanks for the post.

Yes, and they can read a license plate, no matter what the resolution. A month ago, an ex did one of the scummiest things possible: This article looks at the laws of a few of the states that target revenge porn, explains the related criminal statutes that may apply, and presents civil remedies that are sometimes available. They can help you more than you can help yourself in this situation.

They said that the people harassing us weren't breaking any laws and really just made my girlfriend feel like even more of a victim.

Sorry for the rant. Big natural tits porn videos. There isn't anything that will make me want to post them The restraining order was for the physical and mental abuse during the relationship, and attempts to threaten me back with him. I hope your example sets a precedent for similar cases.

This same thing happened to me and the police didn't do jack shit about it. Aren't all arrests a matter of public record? English is so imprecise at times: However, harassment laws generally prohibit a course of conduct, not isolated incidents, so harassment laws do not apply in many revenge porn cases.

For more information on online harassment, see our article on Harassment and Cyberbullying and Avoiding Criminal Charges from Online Behavior. It seems like he was hoping other guys would harass you and he wanted to publicly humiliate you. I imagine producing that stuff is a million times easier than actually finding people who would be willing to break the law. I still get creepy messages from men on Facebook. I could care less if I found out my wife had gone through something similar, couples see and share naked stuff, its part of being in relationships, even if not everyone brings digital medium into play.

Congrats and keep us posted. Way back when I was a Reddit-newb I expressed my concern that an up-skirt photo posted may have been posted without the woman's consent and that it made me feel squicky. Although there was this recent news story, probably not the OP?

I guess it still could happen, but I think I am more protected now.

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To the people who are saying the sentence is too high, he probably won't get it. In cases like these it always seems that the police do absolutely nothing. Naked young lovers. Likewise, posts found to direct odious influxes here may be removed. My local paper doesn't even cover that small of an area and it still shows every arrest made.

Victims of revenge porn report being harassed and stalked by people who have seen their images online, and some women have lost their jobs or experienced depression. It was humiliating having to tell her family not to open emails from strangers and explaining what happened. Post your nude ex. Payback's a bitch, pal. It seems like he was hoping other guys would harass you and he wanted to publicly humiliate you. For more information on sharing child pornography, see Teen Sexting. Young girl fuck big black cock. They said that the people harassing us weren't breaking any laws and really just made my girlfriend feel like even more of a victim.

Change your last name on Facebook for a while until you're sure everything is gone. Further, you had no reason to expect he would ever betray your trust like that. If someone with legal savvy could help me understand, I'd greatly appreciate it. I have tons of pictures and videos from a whole bunch of ex's and hook-ups.

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Does your state have laws on the books punishing those that post revenge porn? If it ruined a career or a future? I'm also really pleased that the authorities handled this with respect, really refreshing to hear! After looking it up to verify that I'm correct, it looks like the law only applies to photos you take yourself, so if you indeed sent him everything then the police were within the law when they made him erase them. But it sounds like police overreach in at least part of the case, which is bad even when good things happen.

I've never heard of that law before. I am truly happy for you though. A relatively new approach to combatting revenge porn lies in the filing of a copyright infringement suit.

These statutes have some drawbacks. Hot gymnasts nude. I'm not sure when the news will be released, but he did admit to it and everything. Although, I have to admit I don't like this part: Nobody ever died from it. I was furious that they refused to help. Don't be afraid to speak up. I think most of the people that do it believe there will be no consequences because it's on the internet.

He clearly doesn't have the right to post them anywhere without a model release -- that's why he was busted.

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